Wednesday, 16 April 2014

More Plastic Figures

Have purchased some more HO scale plastic figures for the nightclub street.

I've just received an email to say that a pack of HO scale figures that I purchased on eBay yesterday have just been shipped from China and will arrive between the 1st and 19th May!!!!

On their way from China.
I'm finding it difficult to get my head around the idea that a single £4.50 (including P&P) pack of little plastic figures could be specially delivered to the docks in China for one of these giant container ships to carry it across the ocean to Glasgow.

Oh Dear!
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Liver and baked beans
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Russell considers Aristotle to have been a bit of a pedestrian philosopher. Nevertheless, I feel obliged to get to grips with Aristotle's proposals about form, matter, substance and properties - not to mention his views on universals and particulars. All of these concepts are muxed-ip in my consciousness at the moment. (Russell makes the same point about Aristotle!)


Was given permission to practise my Samba drumming at the old school where the Saturday group meet. The kind of snare drum used is far too noisy to practise upon at home.

Quite a space, I must say. Took a thermos flask of tea with me for company.

The noisy drum - note the snare wires are on the top.

As I say, quite a space.

On the way back, cycled through a really impressively painted underpass.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

HO scale plastic figures

Continuing with the task of finding HO scale figures that will bring to life my nightclub street - see yesterday's blog for more details.

Today, I sorted the plastic figures that I do have into 3 categories:

1) not-relevant eg seated, with walking sticks or children.

2) standing

3) walking

Walkers in top row; standing in bottom row.

Close up.

The problem is that the walking figures (top row) aren't always obviously walking and those that are, are carrying bags of some sort - more passengers than nighttime revellers.

Also, all the walking figures are male.

Also, there are no figures that are walking and looking sideways at the same time.

I will have to augment what I have. Therefore I made two purchases on eBay.

Merrymakers from the German firm, Faller

Figures from some Chinese supplier
But, I'm going to do some more research as to what's available.

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The latest 2 hour mix from Optimo on Rinse FM.

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Rib-eye steak, cabbage and potatoes
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Got 2 new autobiographies from library:

Chicken and tomato rolls for lunch.
The Janet Street-Porter memoir is well written, but her life repulses me so I won't go any further with it.

God knows what the other one will be like.


More pictures of the Saab 96 V4.

Monday, 14 April 2014

What do pedestrians look like?

I'm going to populate the nightclub street with dozens of little HO scale plastic figures.

The street.

The figures.
But, some thought is required about positioning and clustering these figures otherwise there is going to be no tension in the scene; it could end up looking like just a lot of plastic figures gathered in one place. The figures must be in nightlife mode.

Therefore, I scoured the internet for photos of real people with real purposes moving about streets and pavements - some at night and some not.

I've put a little caption under each photograph indicating what aspect of being a pedestrian the photo is illustrating.

Selling hot chestnuts

A couple being a couple.

Street crowd - moving in opposing directions


People eating on the hoof and people looking sideways as they pass a shop/cafe.

Crossing the street. and parked cars.

Street musician.

Queueing - how do people angle themselves in a queue

Queueing - spilling onto the street.

By the way, I looked up how to spell queueing or queuing. Apparently both versions are still prevalent. Someone claimed that "queueing" has the longest series of consecutive vowels in a word.

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Leisure Muffin, himself.
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Carrots and shallots in tomato and wine sauce.
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Wherein Sartre outlines his doctrine of "existence preceding essence".

Quite difficult to understand - but, I'll come back to it.


Took the car to Schoneville Saab. I like this garage. You can speak to the person actually working on the car. This was for a little £25 repair. Apparently, Saab are still on the go but only producing cars for the Chinese market.

Similar to our car - the 93.

But this is my favourite style - the 96.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Connie Francis

Cergy dans le Val d'Oise is a suburb to the north west of Paris. It's railway station sports the largest clock in Europe.

Another view.

From inside
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Connie Francis singing "I will wait for you" which features in a new advert for O2 on television.

Unbelievably, the recording is not available on iTunes, although someone has uploaded it to youTube.

I'd forgotten the sheer number of hits she had back in the 50s/60s: Stupid Cupid; Whose Sorry Now; Lipstick on your Collar.

I'd also forgotten what a great "pop" voice she had.

Connie Francis - still going strong.
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Lasagne and fried veg.
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This time on Aristotle and his 10 Categories:


As should be clear from this blog, I'm  completely committed to contemporary electronic music.

However, try as I might - and I have tried and will go on trying - I'm completely underwhelmed by the contemporary visual arts.

There is a city-wide international festival of the visual arts in Glasgow at the moment: "Glasgow International".

I've visited a few of the venues and this afternoon went to the Tramway Museum to see a few more.

Verdict: yet another tedious display of thin video installations and objects.

I just don't get it. Are they taking the piss and running all the way to the bank? (The latter is unlikely, I suspect.) Is it a case of The Emperor's New Clothes?

I just don't know. Perhaps the failing lies with me.

The Emperor's New Clothes

Here are the lyrics to the song made famous by that great American star, Danny Kaye:

 "The King's New Clothes"

This is the story of the King's new clothes:
Now there was once a king who was absolutely insane
about new clothes and one day, two swindlers came to
sell him what they said was a magic suit of clothes.
Now, they held up this particular garment and they
said, "Your Majesty, this is a magic suit." Well, the
truth of the matter is, there was no suit there at all.
But the swindlers were very smart, and they said, "Your
Majesty, to a wise man this is a beautiful raiment but
to a fool it is absolutely invisible." Naturally, the
King not wanting to appear a fool, said,

"Isn't it grand! Isn't it fine! Look at the cut, the
style, the line!
The suit of clothes is all together
But all together it's all together
The most remarkable suit of clothes that I have ever
These eyes of mine at once determined
The sleeves are velvet, the cape is ermine
The hose are blue and the doublet is a lovely shade of
Somebody send for the Queen."

Well they sent for the Queen and they quickly explained
to her about the magic suit of clothes. And naturally,
the Queen not wanting to appear a fool, said,

"Well, isn't it oh! Isn't it rich! Look at the charm of
every stitch!
The suit of clothes is all together
But all together it's all together
The most remarkable suit of clothes that I have ever
These eyes of mine at once determined
The sleeves are velvet, the cape is ermine
The hose are blue and the doublet is a lovely shade of
Summon the court to convene."

Well the court convened, and you never saw in your life
as many people as were at that court. All the
ambassadors, the dukes, the earls, the counts, it was
just black with people, and they were all told about
the magic suit of clothes. And after they were told
they naturally didn't want to appear fools and they

"Isn't it ohhh! Isn't it ahhh! Isn't it absolutely
wheee(whistle sound)!
The suit of clothes is all together
But all together it's all together
The most remarkable suit of clothes a tailor ever made.
Now quickly, put it all together
With gloves of leather and hat and feather
It's all together the thing to wear in Saturday's
Leading the royal brigade."

Now Saturday came and the streets were just lined with
thousands, and thousands, and thousands of people, and
they all were cheering as the artillery came by, the
infantry marched by, the cavalry galloped by. And
everybody was cheering like mad, except one little boy.
You see, he hadn't heard about the magic suit and
didn't know what he was supposed to see. Well, as the
King came by the little boy looked and, horrified,

"Look at the King! Look at the the King! Look at the
King, the King, the King!
The King is in the all together
But all together the all together
He's all together as naked as the day that he was born.
The King is in the all together
But all together the all together
It's all together the very least the King has ever

All the courts positioned to call an intermission
His majesty is wide open to ridicule and scorn

The King is in the all together
But all together the all together
He's all together as naked as the day that he was born.
And it's all together too chilly a morn!

Danny Kaye