Sunday 30 August 2015

Re-painted a roof and splashed out on a Renault Fregate (H0 scale)

Still very dissatisfied with the overall vista: the different visual elements do not tie together.

I think the matt grey colour of the lego brick roof is sucking the visual energy out of the scene.

So, slapped on some red paint.

I think I'm on the right lines.


There is a provider of high-quality H0 scale model cars in Germany called Martin Fredrich Modelle:

They sell metal kits, but for several euros more, you can buy ready made versions.

I love these 1950s 1960s Renaults like the Dauphin and the Floride, but this week discovered another type, the Fregate.

And so I ordered one:

Renault Fregate 1/87 scale

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Who died today.

Surprisingly, this is pretty good.

A passage every day....excellent

Who died in 1804.

Sunday 23 August 2015

3 Issues:

3 Issues:

Here are 3 issues that I want to attend to:

1) The back drop - still not sure about it:

I'll continue to ponder this matter. Once I've sorted out some of the problems presented by the mess of different tones and colours of the various different buildings, the existing backdrop may fall into place.

2) The excessive plasticky appearance of the plastic railway carriages:

My plan was to obtain an estimate from RBW Model Trains who advertised a weathering service for model trains. Unfortunately, they seem to have gone out of business. There's no way I'm carrying out this task myself so I'll have to search the web for another company who offer that service.

3) The mess of tones presented by the top, side and front elevations of the church:

The front of the church is glazed ceramic so its tone cannot be altered. I'm going to re-paint the side and top surfaces to be in harmony with the lighter and glossier frontage.

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Another great musical night at the Art School

Sunday 16 August 2015

Oxford H0 scale model cars

Bought this Ford Mustang in a model shop in Kings Lynn.

What was remarkable about it was that it was 1/87 scale ie H0 whereas I'd thought that all Oxford models were to 1/76 scale ie OO.

In fact, it was the only example of 1/87 model in the shop, everything else was OO scale.

Reminder: British model trains tend to be OO scale whereas Continental models are H0 scale; although both run on the same gauge of track, for some reason.

A Ford Mustang is not French (obviously) but it is of the right era (early 60s) for my layout. I'll pretend it is being driven by a glamorous visiting US film star.

These Oxford diecast models are very reasonably priced  at under £5.

Here are some more examples from the right era that I might purchase from the web.

Lincoln Continental 1956

Ford Edsel 1958

Lincoln Continental 1941
Mercury 1949

Ford Thunderbird 1956

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Cracking performance by Golden Teacher last night at Stereo in Glasgow:

Monday 10 August 2015

Weathering H0 scale carriages (re-visited)

Looking at the photograph of my Jouef carriages in last week's blog, I have to admit that they look hopelessly plasticky. They need weathering.

Weathering is the process whereby one paints models to look real, acknowledging that real carriages will have rust, dirt, dents and dust marring their appearance.

Here are two pictures from somewhere on the web of a model diesel loco: the first as new out the box, the second after weathering.

For two reasons, I have always drawn back from weathering anything: a) verisimilitude is not a part of my model railway aesthetic philosophy and b) it requires too much skill.

But something has to be done about these plasticky looking wagons.

It seems that there is a company in England who sells weathering services:

RBW Model Trains

And here's their link:

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Sunday 2 August 2015

Failing to properly use a decent camera to photograph a model railway.

Instead of my pretty basic phone camera, I decided to use a proper camera with a zoom lense to photograph my static H0 scale Pacific Chapelon Nord avec 4 carriages.

Not very successful.

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Finished - what an eye-opener on the con that was "The Last Waltz".
I can't stand that film as a result of reading this book.