Sunday 26 July 2015

Some pictures of H0 scale rolling stock.

Continuing with this pared down version of the blog.

Last week, I presented some pictures of a cheap static model of a locomotive standing at one of the platforms at the station on my layout.

I fished out some SNCF carriages from storage and added them to the scene.

Carriages by Jouef.

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Started reading this monster.

A passage a day.

Continuing to enjoy this.

Sunday 19 July 2015

An H0 scale static locomotive.

Back to a slimmed down weekly version of the blog.

When on holiday in France recently I bought this plastic static model of a Pacific Chapelon Nord from a stallholder at a Vide Grenier (boot sale) for 7 euros. 90 seconds later I saw the same item on sale for 5 euros and it was in a box!

Static models are quite good for populating railway layouts.

Action shot of loco falling off its stand.

Lined up in the station.

The real thing.

Now preserved in France's National Train Museum in Mulhouse.
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On the strength of Levon Helm's book I've ordered 2 DVDs from Amazon.


Saw this film this afternoon at the cinema.

The story of Brian Wilson - pretty good.

Sunday 12 July 2015

France 2015 Day 27:

Last night's dinner:

Paupiettes de veau pus creamed spinach

Raspberry and apricot tart
Last night's after dinner entertainment:

These boys seemed to make things up as they went along.

It was part music part song and .....

part oration. They were tremendous.

Usual bar entertainment.
And then these three maniacs.

And when we got home afterwards:

An episode of Maigret on TV with this locomotive as part of the action.

Last attempt to find an H0 scale model car or train at a Vide Grenier:

This one was held in nearby village of Tosse

In the UK there would be Badminton markings - here it's an indoor Pelote court.

Some interesting items - this was a ceramic parachute and clown - weighed a ton.
Wrong scale, unfortunately.

Charming tin-plate 2cv.

Alas, a clockwork H0 scale train set by Jouef.
We should have this arrangement in the UK.

Most convenient.

In the car park a real find.

A Renault Caravelle....wrong scale, unfortunately.
And kids mucking about on the Pelote court.
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I think I'm going to enjoy this.

Saturday 11 July 2015

France 2015 Day 26:

Last night's dinner:

Had a quick pizza and lager in the pizzeria next to our apartment and then stood and watched the Surfsonics perform on the stage in the adjacent plaza.

Actually, they were bloody good.

A really charismatic front man.

Excellent musicians

Folk dancing in the square
But frankly, once one has heard 25 instrumental (no vocals) surf tunes that all sound the same - even though performed with flair and expertise - one has heard them all.

Morning Sartre Ritual:

I abandoned my usual local perch and we drove to Hossegar, a high class surfing town, and supped in the Cafe de Paris.

Thought I should get to grips with the original.
Afternoon cycle:

The Atlantic.

Looked across to our apartment.
Cycled to Vigil Mass at Messanges:

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At last I finished this brilliant book by Chaim Potok. It has persuaded me of the importance of Bible study and I think I'll attend some classes in the Autumn.

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Only available in paperback.
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Auntie Flo appearing in Glasgow in late August.