Sunday 18 January 2015

Slimmed Down Blog

It had been my intention to reduce the frequency of this blog to once a week, say a Sunday, and focus more on the model railway aspect - starting today.

Unfortunately, this intention has coincided with a very busy weekend and so there's only time to include a few photographs.

I hope the photographs will demonstrate the rightness of my decision to introduce a raised section to the model railway diorama.

Hitherto, my thinking had conceived of the town surrounding the railway station as being all on the one level - a kind of 3D map. How unrealistic! No town is completely on the flat; and reflecting that undulation should increase the visual power of the model.

A modest raised section of about 1.5cm, achieved by sitting a row of card buildings across from the front of the station upon some plywood.

The card buildings themselves are still to be glued together.

O Ye of Little Faith

The stained glass window in St Simon's RC Church in the West End of Glasgow depicting Simon Peter sinking beneath the waves as he tries to walk across the sea to reach Jesus.

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