Sunday 25 January 2015

Mirontaine Card Buildings

I've actually put quite a lot of labour into the model railway this past week - although it may not look like that.

That labour has been devoted entirely to the row of card buildings across from my model of the Gare du Nord.

These buildings were manufactured by the French company Mirontaine.

Unfortunately, whatever scale they were was much smaller than H0 scale and so I had to get the component sections of card enlarged by a professional graphics company.

A comparison of the original and the enlarged version.

A consequence of the enlargement was to render the model slightly unstable and floppy. This past week I set about reinforcing the structure of the buildings and also adding in some chimney breasts, also for strength.

A particularly floppy section.

Reinforced with a card insert at the top

and at the bottom.
The extra chimney breasts

Some of the original chimney breasts were painted on only one side so I picked up the brushes and coloured in the other side with acrylic paints.

The back of the model was only partially coloured in by Mirontaine and so I painted in some extensions to the roof sections.

And then photocopied a section of the wall from elsewhere in the model and stuck it over the unpainted expanse of white card.

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