Sunday 10 May 2015

Noch H0 scale cobbled street tape

Noch 60430

At last the roll of cobblestone tape arrived from the German manufacturer, Noch.

 The cobblestone tape is not really suitable for covering a wide area of road.


It would be arduous to lay down rows of tapes side by side. Furthermore, the margin of each roll has a gutter imprinted upon it.

So, I scanned the tape and using a photoshop type application made up an A4 sheet of the cobble effect.

I printed the sheets out in dark and light shades - the light is too light. The dark is a bit too dark but I don't have a setting in between the two.

The next step is to cut the sheet to the right shape and lay it over the road that's in front of the station facade.


Still pondering the problem of making the church building appear more at ease on the layout.

Decided that the dome needed some kind of minaret on top of it.

Sat a bottle of typex fluid on the dome simply to gauge what size of minaret would be appropriate.

Covered it in masking tape and marked some black lines on it.

I'll ponder this too!

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Saw an earth-shaking performance by Golden Teacher at the Glasgow School of Art. I'm beginning to treat these midnight gigs as perfectly normal!

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  1. looks good, I've been planning to make a cobble square and road/lanes myself. Did you print on normal paper or more Card stock?

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