Sunday 1 February 2015

Ye Old and Trusted Papier Mache

Continued with work on the raised section of the baseboard on which the card buildings by Mirontaine will stand.

The first task was to fill in the gap between the main body of the raised section and the edge of the baseboard. Rather than try and cut a piece of plywood with the exact curves required to fill the gap, I stuck down at intervals a number of off-cuts of plywood.

And then covered the remaining gaps with card.

And then using diluted PVA,

proceeded to cover the area with papier mache ie strips of newspaper brushed into position with PVA.

Not quite finished - will do a bit more tomorrow.

But you get the general idea.

This week's listening:

A blast from the past.

Released in 1963.

A hardy perennial

Otherwise it has been non-stop electronic mixes from MixCloud.

In particular.


General Ludd

Currently Reading:

This book is very long (unnecessarily so) and sometimes very mundanely written. But, it has had a deep effect on me: it has elevated (in my mind) the pursuit of Fell-running into a truly noble art.

I keep going back to it and reading another paragraph as if to get an injection of the sport, its dangers, thrills, torture, madness and eccentricity.

As for what it has to say about the Health and Safety society in which we live, I'll say nothing.

These fell-runners are heroes of our time.

Still reading.

Taking a daily dose of this too.

Bought this today.

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