Sunday 22 March 2015

H0 Scale Layout - aesthetic matters

For some time I've felt that the ceramic chuch that I built myself cannot be seen properly.

It seems to lurk amongst the other buildings and one's eye is drawn to them rather than the church., That's a pity because I think it is a beautiful model.

The most likely culprit, I think, is  the shiny black roof made of lego bricks of the building that stands beside the church.

It's the blackness.

Perhaps if that roof was coloured gray then it wouldn't dominate the skyline so much.

Not having any gray lego bricks, I spray painted the existing roof with gray primer.

And then, I inserted red, blue or yellow garret windows using more lego bricks. The idea was that such spots of primary colour would highlight the primary colors in the stained glass windows of the church dome.

Jury is still out.

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Blast from the Past

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Hardy Perennial

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My spiritual guide.

This autobiography by, friend to the stars, Peter Keogh is very amusing at times.

The Australian author is obviously pretty camp and describes the great joy he had when an altar boy.

"I especially loved what I had to wear; a cassock and surplice, similar to a choir boy's outfit. How I swished around the sacristy before and after Mass. It felt just like being on stage with the congregation as my audience."

(Love the use of the word "swished".)

Still working my way through this.


When out cycling this afternoon saw this restored double decker bus passing along Clyde Street on its way to Ayr. Only 5 passengers on board.