Sunday 29 March 2015

Spray Painting Lego for HO scale Model Railway

Decided to repeat the successful experiment of spraypainting the Lego brick roof of a building on the layout; this time, the Theatre.

In the foreground, is the roof that was originally black but spraypainted gray (experiment 1). Behind the church is the theatre with its original black roof. For some reason I feel that the black colour is too harsh.

On a whim, I spray painted it a sandy colour.

Then tried an experimental green background made up of plastic table mates.

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Miscellany 1:

Last night saw the comedian Bruce Morton supporting Fred Macaulay at the Kings Theatre in Glasgow.

He was the best comedian I've seen in years - perfection.

Bruce Morton
Here are 2 of his gags:

Hangover cures:

"Some people recommend drinking water, others a raw egg in a glass and so on. But what I find works best is a nice cup of tea and a warm bath.

Now, I can see that some of you are thinking "that's a lot to fucking drink!"."


"The other day, I was telling my brother that my wife and I were  going to have our loft converted. However, I reassured him that the rest of the house would remain predominantly Protestant."

Miscellany 2:

This afternoon, we walked around the Hunterian Art Gallery at Glasgow University. For 35 minutes I sat down on a bench transfixed by this painting from 1960 of Alan Davie's.

Seadevils Watchtower.


  1. Sandy roof and plastic green mats - I think these changes look great, not so keen on the grey roof though, black too harsh, grey wishy washy dark brown maybe!

  2. I have just thought, the yellow, blue, red pieces of lego on the roof and possibly only temporary, to match in with the other piece you made for one of the roof tops with the coloured glass windows, maybe it's these pieces that stick out on the grey that don't look quite right.

    1. Thanks for these very helpful comments.

      I think you might be right about the grey colour. It's easy enough to spray the roof another colour. I'm going to keep the primary coloured windows for now.