Sunday 12 April 2015

A Black Backdrop

Last week I mucked about with the backdrop to the model railway.


Today I painted black a couple of sheets of cardboard.

Perhaps, I'm fussing but I don't feel that the model buildings form a unified whole. In fact the whole thing looks a mess.

I'm wondering if the colour of the backdrop holds the answer to the  problem. Hence I tried black today.

I'll keep at it.

While I've temporarily lost my enthusiasm for the railway, I'm as well spending time on this esoteric (but to me crucial) issue.

Currently listening to:

A Blast from the Past

Sheer brilliance released in 1965

And a link for the record:

Hardy Perennial

What a fantastic songwriter and singer Kurt Cobain was - hugely under-rated by most people, I suspect.

Currently listening to:

The latest podcast from Optimo on Rinse FM is one of the best yet - I must have played through the entire 2 hours a dozen times already.

Currently reading:

Downloaded another volume of Maya Angelou's autobiography to my Kindle.

And also this:

Increasingly moving away from  Cartesian dualism.

And a passage from this book each day.


Took my life in my hands and went to see Golden Teacher perform on Friday night in Glasgow: they came on stage at 11.15pm. (Enough said.)

A total sell out. No seats and no stage either.

What a performance! Words fail me.

In the taxi on the way home afterwards I experienced the same buzz and after-glow that I remember having 47 years ago when I also returned home in a taxi after attending my first ever gig (or concert as we called them in those days):  Fleetwood Mac (with Peter Green) at the Greens Playhouse in Glasgow.

I'm still shaking.

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  1. Glad your late night concert was worth the risk and you got home safe, even if a little shaken!