Sunday 26 April 2015

H0 Scale Tin Plate Model Buildings

Spur of the Moment Visit to an Antique Shop

Last week, when cycling through the small Scottish Borders town of Innerleithen, I called in at a small antiques shop.

In fact in this one-street town there were at least 5 such antique shops.

Called in at a few, looking for  H0 scale continental vehicles and of course they had none.

But in the window of one shop there was a tin plate model railway station from the 1950s or 60s.

Fell in love with it immediately.

Paid £25 for it and even though it is not French - definitely British, in fact - I will definitely find a place for it on the layout. It has the right feel. It could be French.

The layout will have to adapt itself to the station.

As I say, it is rather obviously British in its intention.

But it is French in feel.

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A Blast from the Past

A Hardy Perennial

Front cover

Back cover

Inside cover

This is a double album from 1969 by the American blues singer Taj Mahal.

I actually saw Taj Mahal perform at an outdoor concert in 1971 somehere on the East coast of the United States - I can't remember exactly where. But he was supported by Linda Ronstadt of all people.

This Week's Wonderful Discovery

This really is a discovery - the SOFRITO record label. Here is what they are all about.

"Sofrito is a collective of DJs, producers and artists that combine a love for Tropical rhythms with a firm basis in modern club culture.

Rooted in the legendary Tropical Warehouse Parties in East London, Sofrito mixes up vintage sounds from across the tropics with modern productions and exclusive dubplate specials, bridging the gap between eras and continents to produce a unique and intense sound that has seen them play at clubs and festivals across the world.

The Sofrito label covers everything from Nigerian acid boogie to raw Gwo Ka rhythms, futuristic sounds from new European producers and heavy Latin vibes from the Pacific coast of Colombia.
Paris-based Hugo Mendez has traveled extensively in order to produce groundbreaking compilations for labels such as Strut, Soundway, Jazzman and Nascente and DJs regularly across Europe.
Hackney-based Frankie Francis runs The Carvery mastering and dubplate cutting studios, working on vinyl retrieval and mastering for labels such as Strut, Sir Collin’s Music Wheel, NYC Trust, Superfly and many more, as well as cutting dubs for the cream of the reggae and Tropical DJs in the UK.

Illustrator and Designer Lewis Heriz works with labels such as Stones Throw, Now Again and Soundway, producing exceptional artwork using a variety of media."

For me it means an endless supply of fantastic modern music - should see me through to my demise.

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This book gets better and better.

A passage a day.
Working my way through this book of  (disparate) readings.

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