Sunday 19 April 2015

More Backdrop Woes

Still agonising over the backdrop to the model railway.

The problem is that the diorama is made up of  9  separate H0 scale buildings each of which, I think, stands alone as a visually pleasing piece.

But together, they seem to make a visual mess. I'm exploring the possibility that the choice of a suitably coloured backdrop might unify the collection of  disparate buildings.

Last week I tried BLACK:

This week, WHITEish.

Still not sure - so removed the entire roof of the building in the middle.

Still not sure:

Perhaps, the church is too close to the other buildings.

A bit late too move it now since it's bolted to the board and would be a nightmare to move.

I'll have to keep experimenting.

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A Blast from the Past

I remember this record label so clearly.
One of the 1st records I ever bought - in 1962.

And here's the link to a recording of it:

A Hardy Perennial

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General Ludd - from Glasgow

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  1. Last week I was reading in an old model railroading magazine from the 1940s about how the writer used a bamboo blind as a background. It was probably around 2 or 3 m wide, and rolled up and down. It was probably something meant to be installed outside on a veranda. It helped a lot to hide the old walls in his basement and made the layout area look finished. I guess on the downside it didn't give the viewer any sort of painted on landscape that blended into the layout to look at, so it wasn't a realistic background, but the natural bamboo looked pretty good.

    1. Thanks J D,

      That's exactly the kind of suggestion I was looking for. I'll explore it and how to imprint/sketch a landscape upon it.