Sunday 22 February 2015

H0 scale scenery - pavements

Having laid the cobbled streets last week, this week the adjacent pavements were laid.

Unlike the cobbles which were manufactured in the form of a self-adhesive strip by Noch, the pavements were made from a piece of cardboard that I found in the house, painted white and added pencil lines to mark off the paving slabs.

Cutting the card to shape was a pain in the neck.

The green areas around the buildings on the left are to be paved.

The card painted white.

The card cut to shape and painted white.

Yep, it fits.

Drawing in the paving slabs.

The pavements and buildings in position.

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A Blast from the Past.

Released in 1966

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Hardy perennial

The Big Huge - released in 1968

And its pal - Wee Tam

Sometimes packaged as a double album with The Big Huge

This weeks's obsession

Lena Willikens
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This month's Africa magazine. Reporting the work of the St Patrick's Missions.

I read a passage every day.

Drumming update:

Last week, one of my Samba drumming tutors reminded the class that:

"Running is not simply fast walking."

In other words there are limitations to the learning regime that I have been adhering to which is that initially you practise a drumming pattern at a slow tempo and then steadily increase the tempo over the weeks.

It seems that the techniques of fast playing are not simply a quicker execution of slow playing.

This was a  revelation to me; although I'm not sure how to act upon it!


I've decided to drop my study of Logic - I'm simply not interested.

Instead I'm going to turn my attention  to the study of "Kinds".

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