Sunday 8 February 2015

Work continues in the vicinity of the Gare du Nord - H0 scale style.

Continued to add papier mache to the elevated section of the layout, facing the Gare du Nord.

I intend covering the papier mache with  commercially produced H0 scale sheets of simulated cobble street which I've ordered from the internet - not arrived yet.

I've ordered two kinds, both made by the German manufacturer, Noch.

One of them has a 3D effect ie it is embossed.

The other comes as a roll of patterned paper - nice pattern, though.

In the mean time, I've been working on the boules playing area. Wherever you go in France you see folk playing boules wherever there is a spare flat sandy/gravelly area - often under trees, for shade, presumably.

Somewhere in Paris

Outside the station at Arcachon
I've ordered my H0 scale players from Preiser - another German manufacturer.

And this week I set about creating a suitable gravelly area under the shade of some trees.

I used "ballast" from "Woodland Scenics" to create the gravel surface.

But before applying the ballast, three very fine holes had to be drilled so as to install the trees. The trees have a thin metal spike protruding from the base of the trunk which you embed in the baseboard.

The trees were purchased from The Model Tree Shop and are etched brass.

Here's the link:

To make the holes in the 1.6cm thick plywood, I used one of my favourite tools - the pin vice drill.

Basically, this is a finger operated drill - easy to use and the drill goes through the wood like butter.

The three holes having been drilled it was time to spread the PVA glue (diluted) over the boules playing area.

Bent paperclips marked the three holes.

Then the ballast was poured liberally over the glued area.

And the trees planted in the drilled holes.

Looking once more at the vintage b/w photo of the Parisian boules players, I notice that there are a few folding chairs scattered about. I think I'll look for a few objects like that to place in the area - should liven it up a bit.

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Great news (for me, anyway) !  

Optimo have been given back their monthly show on Rinse FM and this Wednesday's was a cracker - flawless.


A blast from the past:

Lorraine Ellison

From 1966.

Hardy perennial.

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This slightly boring book has exerted a big influence over me. In particular, it has laid bare the concept of  "peak condition" for what it is. (No pun intended.)

I must try and temper my language here, but over the last 25 years I have grown to despise athletics. The main reason has been the insistence of most athletes that they perform only if they are in "peak condition".

The fell-runners that populate Richard Askwith's book extol the opposite of that principle.

I'm with the fell-runners.

In my remaining years on this earth I intend to be guided by their example in all aspects of my life - except one.

That's right, fell-running!

Also reading:

Well written

Full of life.

Graham Nash on LHS in the Hollies

To receive its beneficial effects, one does not, says de Caussade, have to be aware of the operation of the Holy Spirit within us. If we ask for its help in changing us, it will quietly do its work within us at an unconscious level.

De Caussade's book has led me to download this to my Kindle.

When my father was dying, my mother was not bothered to call in the local vicar for consolation. She said that God was all around us.

I now believe that Jesus is all around us (and me, in particular!) and I'm drawn to spiritual writings which articulate this view.

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