Sunday 15 February 2015

Laying Noch H0 scale cobbled street surface.

Before I get to the Noch cobbled streets, let's have a quick look at the set of H0 scale boules players manufactured by Preiser - I ordered two sets, but because of stock problems at the supplier, only one set arrived this week.

The boules area will be located under the trees next to the station. I decided to take the players out of the box that did arrive. Basically I wanted to find out how difficult it would be to stand the players on the gravelly surface. In fact, a little dab of blu tac under their feet was all that was required .

You can probably see the blu tac under their feet.

Under floodlights?

A few days later, I tackled the road surface that will run around the shops across from the station facade.

Just the one sheet - 30cm by 12cm.

Made up a stencil and drew around it.

Self-adhesive - just remove the backing.

And press into position.

A tricky shaped sloping section.

But the material is so flexible it sticks around any odd shaped surface.

With judicious cutting of sections from the single sheet, the entire road was surfaced in cobbles.

And with the trees back in position.

Next task, the pavements between buildings and cobbled streets.

Currently listening to:

A Blast from the Past.

Released in 1962,  Probably the tenth record I ever purchased.

And it still gives me goosebumps listening to it.

Here's a link for "Swiss Maid".

Hardy perennial.

Currently listening to.

Every day this week I've listened to Optimo's February podcast on Rinse FM 

Currently reading:

Reading the following books on a very enjoyable rota.

This book continues to powerfully resonate with me. For someone whose idea of the outdoor life is to find a car park with a nice view and sit in the car listening to music drinking tea from a vacuum flask whilst staring out the window, then clearly I am never going to run up a Fell. (If I feel really energetic, I might swivel my head around to look out the side window of the car.)

But these runners are my kindred spirits because they are 'romantics'.

The title of this book and its contents sum up my  Christian Faith.

This book actually gets better with each chapter. The early pages were a bit cliche ridden.

No cliches in this book.


Will really miss watching the French crime TV drama "Spiral". The latest series finished last night on BBC 4.

Basically, it's a soap opera in so far as I actually believe that I'm not watching actors but real people whose lives continue in those roles during the week in between episodes.

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