Tuesday 7 July 2015

France 2015 Day 22: change of drumming practice policy

Last night's dinner:

Basically leftovers from a lunch we gave for some visitors from Glasgow.

Drumming practice - concentrating on control:

The terrace of our apartment is so big and with such a grand view that I've decided from now on to practice my drumming on it.

However, Caixa drums are noisy. So, ever the adaptable person, I'm going to spend this last week in Vieux-Boucau practising playing very fast but very quietly which requires great control.

I've noticed that this works best if the stick in my right hand vibrates against a particular section of my palm. So, I marked the ideal position with red pen - which then smeared everything I touched.


Smeared desktop.

Smeared shorts.
Morning Sartre ritual:

Long cycle this afternoon:

Currently listening to:

Through the wonders of the internet, downloaded the July podcast from Optimo on Rinse FM. I love the two very different dulcet tones of the two DJs who make up Optimo.

Currently reading:

No time for any reading because of the amount of time I spent writing up my Sartre adventures.

But, I did manage a passage from Brother Lawrence.

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