Friday 10 July 2015

France 2015 Day 25:

Last night's dinner:

Lapin a la moutarde

Which Tursan shall it be?

The more expensive one with the silly label.

View during dinner.
Last night's after dinner entertainment in Vieux Boucau:

This morning's Sartre ritual:

This morning the waiter didn't wait to take my order, he just served me a Grand Creme.

I'd already purchased a pain aux raisins as a treat.

Long cycle this afternoon:

Along the ex-rail route to Leon.

The disused station at Messanges.

Listening and Reading:

Because I'm spending so much time reading and then writing up my notes about Sartre's Nausea, I've listened to hardly any music nor read any other books over the past few days.

Drumming practice:

But did force myself to practise the Caixa for an hour.

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