Saturday 4 July 2015

France 2015 Day 19: A disappointing cup of coffee

Last night's dinner:

Encornet farci

No early morning drumming session:

Couldn't be bothered with the 191 steps.

Disappointing cup of coffee:

Decided to execute my morning Sartre ritual at the campsite cafe. Nice place to sit and one of the waitresses translated a tricky French passage quoted in my commentary on La Nausee.

But the coffee was disappointing; quite the poorest I've had this holiday in France.

Then, I noticed it was an Nespresso.

The offending Nespresso.
At home, we are onto our second Nespresso machine and I'm a heavy user of it.

But, I'm beginning to think that Nespresso produces a banal cup of coffee. I had already noticed a lack of aroma in their coffees, but the thought of grinding coffee beans cf convenience meant that Nespresso won out.

Might invest in one of those all singing and all dancing machines that grind the coffee, warm the milk, translate from French into English etc etc.

Sartre not at all disappointing - dealing with the concept and experience of "time" today.

Superb cycle this afternoon:

Back to Biscarrosse Plage this evening:

An informal game of pelote in progress.

Then off to Vigil Mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Succour:

Biscarrosse was mobbed early evening.

Some street entertainment.
Currently listening to:

Like the much-missed John Peel radio shows on BBC Radio 1, Optimo podcasts merit listening to again and again.

Currently Reading:

Decided that Davita's Harp (which is great) requires a balance to match the uplifting heatwave which has been France this past few weeks.

So downloaded to my Kindle two highly literary memoirs from the 1960s.

A sentence a day.

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