Sunday 23 August 2015

3 Issues:

3 Issues:

Here are 3 issues that I want to attend to:

1) The back drop - still not sure about it:

I'll continue to ponder this matter. Once I've sorted out some of the problems presented by the mess of different tones and colours of the various different buildings, the existing backdrop may fall into place.

2) The excessive plasticky appearance of the plastic railway carriages:

My plan was to obtain an estimate from RBW Model Trains who advertised a weathering service for model trains. Unfortunately, they seem to have gone out of business. There's no way I'm carrying out this task myself so I'll have to search the web for another company who offer that service.

3) The mess of tones presented by the top, side and front elevations of the church:

The front of the church is glazed ceramic so its tone cannot be altered. I'm going to re-paint the side and top surfaces to be in harmony with the lighter and glossier frontage.

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Another great musical night at the Art School

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