Sunday 30 August 2015

Re-painted a roof and splashed out on a Renault Fregate (H0 scale)

Still very dissatisfied with the overall vista: the different visual elements do not tie together.

I think the matt grey colour of the lego brick roof is sucking the visual energy out of the scene.

So, slapped on some red paint.

I think I'm on the right lines.


There is a provider of high-quality H0 scale model cars in Germany called Martin Fredrich Modelle:

They sell metal kits, but for several euros more, you can buy ready made versions.

I love these 1950s 1960s Renaults like the Dauphin and the Floride, but this week discovered another type, the Fregate.

And so I ordered one:

Renault Fregate 1/87 scale

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Who died in 1804.

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