Monday 10 August 2015

Weathering H0 scale carriages (re-visited)

Looking at the photograph of my Jouef carriages in last week's blog, I have to admit that they look hopelessly plasticky. They need weathering.

Weathering is the process whereby one paints models to look real, acknowledging that real carriages will have rust, dirt, dents and dust marring their appearance.

Here are two pictures from somewhere on the web of a model diesel loco: the first as new out the box, the second after weathering.

For two reasons, I have always drawn back from weathering anything: a) verisimilitude is not a part of my model railway aesthetic philosophy and b) it requires too much skill.

But something has to be done about these plasticky looking wagons.

It seems that there is a company in England who sells weathering services:

RBW Model Trains

And here's their link:

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