Tuesday 8 November 2011

My first sheet of plywood.

Some reading on the internet convinced me that plywood was the best material for the baseboard. Light, strong and easy to put screws into. In fact there was a massive variety of types. So, I just guessed and got one huge rectangular sheet of 12mm thick board delivered to the house. 

I couldn't find anyone in Glasgow to cut it to shape and so, with only humiliating DIY experiences behind me, I decided that if I took my time then I, myself, could cut the sheet to the desired teardrop shape. And, lo and behold, with a hand-saw, I did and it only took about half an hour to do so. 

Eventually, it will stand on screw-in legs from Ikea but for now it sits on some Ikea trestles. It will have to be repeatedly lifted for all of the wiring that will go underneath it.

I laid down the newspapers with the layout drawn on. They fitted perfectly.

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