Sunday 27 November 2011


When this layout is finished, there will be a soundtrack playing from somewhere within the carboard buildings surrounding the station. It will be, of course, French and primarily chosen from my large selection of French electronica CDs.

Playing "Lou Etendue" again today, I wondered whether I could put into words or labels what its appeal was; it is a very varied work. So here are some adjectives that describe it: whimsical, dark/brooding, melancholic, pulsating, melodic, incessant, hypnotic, peculiar and highly varied sonically ie uses some good samples. It does have lyrics but lyrics have never been that important to me so I cannot evaluate them.

I decided when I woke this morning to re-jig the layout so that there was a gentle curve to the platforms. I got round to trying this about 10 minutes ago and have made a complete hash of things. I'll try and use my track-planning software to have another go and will report back tomorrow.

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