Wednesday 30 November 2011

Straight platforms it definitely is - I think.

I will stick with the original plan for straight platforms. However, to ameliorate the inevitable tendency for them to look like planks of wood - which is of course what they will be - I will ornamentalise them with rows of working platform lights and a station clock. I bought examples of these when I was recently in France, but a couple of weeks ago I happen to notice them for sale in Tom Brown's Stamp Shop, in Edinburgh. Despite the name, the shop stocks all sorts of model railway stuff.

On the listening front, Choral Evensong on Radio 3 this afternoon featured several pieces by Victoria. Wanting to continue in that reverential vein, I fished out my Hyperion CD of Victoria only to discover that the case was empty! A complete mystery as I am not usually that careless with my music collection.


  1. Had you considered pouring the platform in plaster or actual concrete, making it flow in a gentle curve with formers? That, and hand laying your own track?

  2. Brilliant idea. I wish you'd suggested that 4 years ago! I might still do it, but it would be one hell of an upheaval. Thanks. Tony