Friday 25 November 2011

Sketch of proposed finished layout

I found this sketch on the back of some notes  taken during an accountancy course that I am currently undertaking one day a week at a college in Glasgow.

It really does capture my dream for what this layout will look like when finished.

One fundamental difference that I notice and now worry about is that in the sketch, the platforms have a seductive curve to them whereas the layout is moving ahead with very, very straight platforms.

Today I have listened to (twice) sacred choral pieces by Lassus. I like my choral music to be either lush or austere. On first hearing I found these performances technically brilliant but they left me cold (and bored). However, because I couldn't be bothered changing the CD, I found myself listening to them again and this second time round found the sound very palatable - although neither lush nor austere. Not sure how I would describe it; the best I can come up with is "surprisingly dense considering the small forces at their disposal".

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