Thursday 29 December 2011


Have decided to lay track onto a cork underlay (available in reels from all good model shops) and then apply ballast ie small stones for realism.

One can distribute the ballast from a paper cup or one can purchase a special device.

It's basically a hopper which one fills with ballast and then runs along the track.  The use of a strip of cork underneath the track produces a "shoulder" for the ballast to drape itself over. I'll have to trace some photos of French track circa 1960 to establish what kind of ballast was typically used  at that time.


Ed Askew:

A total eccentric who in 1969 released this album of ballads sung in a very whiney voice accompanied by what sounds like a mandoline. I don't play vinyl anymore so have downloaded it from iTunes - I was surprised it was still available.

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