Sunday 11 December 2011


More on townscape issues:

A loose impressionistic rendition of model buildings is all very well, but they have to be to scale.

I want to tighten up on the accuracy of yesterday's attempt at the station facade by amending the profile to take account of the cornices at the tops of the mock columns either side of the main window.

To do this I used elementary "paint" software  to convert into HO scale the original detailed drawing of the Gare du Nord which had been made in N scale. This procedure consisted of enlarging the original  drawing by a factor of 175%. The end product, though, was then too large for my printer so I broke down the image into what I considered to be the essential parts, cropped them, enlarged them and then printed them out.

This proved time-consuming and Tricky and used up my quota of French Model Railway time for the day. Tomorrow, I'll try another pastel facade constrained by these templates.

And, talking of things "Tricky", MaxinQuaye by Tricky definitely comes under the heading of records I have consistently listened to over many years.

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