Friday 9 December 2011

Faller model railway buildings

With the wiring at a standstill because of the difficulty of getting hold of any bl**#y wire, I will turn my attention to the model buildings that will constitute my French townscape.

One approach would be to buy commercially made buildings, either ready-made or in kit-form. Some of these are very impressive.

The German company Faller produce a catalogue which is 439 pages long.

As you can see, their products are fantastic.

However, no matter how incredibly detailed and brilliantly manufactured these be, they still look like toys to me. This seems an irrational criticism  to make about a model railway.
But, I still want to pursue the impressionistic route with painted cardboard models similar to these (which I referred to in a previous episode of this blog.)

I'll do some experiments this weekend with paint and brush.

This evening I have been listening to Choral Evensong from Norwich Cathedral on Radio 3 iPlayer.

If you like psalms, try this CD.

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