Sunday 4 December 2011

Snap Lock Connectors

A simple method for joining the plethora of feeder wires to the power BUS cable is through the use of snap lock connectors. This method is highly recommended in the literature and is an alternative to soldering.

Despite its simplicity, it didn't work . Read on.

The thicker BUS cable passes through the hole and then the thinner feeder wire is inserted in the socket next to the right of the hole. The plastic hinge is closed over the metal blade which forces the blade to cut into the BUS wire AND the feeder wire thus connecting the two wires electrically.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that I had purchased the feeder wire specified in the literature, the snap lock would not retain it:  the feeder wire was too thin and just fell out. Utterly, frustrating. The feeder wire is supposed to be significantly thinner than the BUS wire. I purchased the smallest snap -locks available. So, it's difficult to know where to go next.

Saw Coldplay last night at the SECC, Glasgow in front of 10,000 people. 75% of the audience was middle-aged. Sensational performance; the crowd went mad for almost 2 hours. Fairly certain that my hearing has been affected since now I can hardly hear the electronic voice emitting messages from the house burglar alarm. I like the fact that Coldplay perform in the clothes they probably wear everyday.

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