Tuesday 20 December 2011

Single core or stranded wire

Still pondering this snap lock connector issue. If it works then it is far more convenient method than soldering wires.

The UK literature recommends single core wire be used for both the main BUS wire and the thinner feeder wires. The main reason seems to be that single core wire is easier to solder to the track.

But an Australian modeller on youTube recommends stranded wire because single core can snap leading to broken connectivity and it's not easy to locate where the break in transmission is. He says that this snapping is very likely to occur because of all the twisting and turning that wires take on model rail layouts.


He also takes a unique approach to inserting the feeder wires into the connector in that he pushes it right through the connector and thus can have 2 feeder wires coming from each connector.

Might try this.

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