Saturday 27 June 2015

France 2015 Day 12: Long cycle

Last night's dinner:


A bit boring actually.

This chap dropped in during dinner.

Early morning drumming session:

Found a good perch half-way down this flight of steps:

Overcast this morning

Then this chap came to spy on me.

Brocante Vide Grenier at le Barp:

No joy at this Vide Grenier this morning - it was a bit pathetic actually. There was one H0 scale plastic car available but the chap wanted 10 euros for it and I couldn't be bothered bartering.

Cycled to Cazaux this afternoon:

What the hell's all this?

A Spanish roller blading convention.

And more joined in.

And more ......

Then through 8 km of cooling forest.

Then joined a cycle path.

Not much open in  Cazaux other than this joint.

Mysterious single-track railway

Which disappeared into this French military establishment.

On the way back spotted this familiar looking handkerchief on the cycle track - so popped it in my pocket!

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