Wednesday 24 June 2015

France 2015 Day 9: Pau to Dune du Pyla

Last night's dinner:

I love traditional hotel restaurants - in the UK and in France. The restaurant of the Hotel Continental, Pau did not disappoint.

Kir Cassis

Some sort of Tart

Jurancon Doux

Hake plus accoutrements

Jug with handle.

Beguiling view just before turning right to enter the restaurant

Effortless drive from Pau to Dune du Pyla:

Superb view over the Atlantic from the cabin terrace:

Currently listening to:

Got fed up with the adverts and excessive talking on French radio and so as an experiment plugged my phone into the USB slot in the car dashboard. Suddenly out of the speakers came one of my favourite tracks of all time: from 1988, Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald. Yet another song with wonderfully enigmatic and cryptic lyrics.

A Guy Called Gerald
And here's the link:

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