Monday 22 June 2015

France 2015 Day 7: Vias to Tarbes

Last night's dinner:

Another modest establishment in Vias-Plage; another 3 course meal for £12.

Italian lager.

Fish soup.

This looks hellish but was actually tender veal.

Iles Flottantes

This morning left Vias-Plage and drove across southern France to Tarbes:

The route was basically Montpellier to Tarbes.

Body-swerved this junction for Toulouse.

The Pyrenees through a tollbooth.
Coffee incident:

Staying in a ridiculously expensive hotel for the night, but it has secure underground parking and is slap bang in the middle of Tarbes.

Requested two large coffees to the room to accompany me during the writing of this blog and forgot to say I wanted milk.

Double defeat.

Just about to persuade myself that I'd cope without when there was a second knock on the door - the milk.

Currently listening to:

The French car radio came up with the goods as we traversed the A61 and then the A64.

Currently reading:

This book gets better and better.

A sentence a day.

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