Friday 19 June 2015

France 2015 Day 4: Artichauts a la vinaigrette

Last nights dinner:

Local wine

Foie gras

Turbot in salt crust

This morning's early morning drumming:

Paddled to my usual spot - more difficult than it looked.

Tried marching to my spot.

Then this vehicle arrived with a screech right next to me

And out got this scuba diver (pointing the camera into the sun caused this false night-time effect).

Cycled to Vias for Coffee and Sartre:

I like Vias:

House under renovation.

St John the Baptist, Vias.

A squat grey stone building.

On the way out of Vias
 Today's lunch:

Artichauts a la vinaigrette
 Currently listening to:

Andras Schiff playing Schubert Impromptus on the forte piano

 Currently reading:

Making some headway at last.

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