Sunday 21 June 2015

France 2015 Day 6: Some SNCF action

Last night's dinner:

Drumming practice this morning by the Med:

Looks like (and felt like) a confrontation with the Sahara.

Later on I practised some paradiddles on my leg-mounted drum pad using an internet metronome on the laptop:

Highlight of any Campsite holiday:

Visited the camp launderette when I got back from drumming on the beach. I just love doing this:

Nothing is ever straight-forward at these French launderettes. Washing tablets were to be purchased at the checkout of the campsite supermarket. But how many were to be used at one time: one or two

So I asked the chap who is usually on the till at the checkout - the spitting image of President Hollande, incidentally.

Mmmh! One or two?
The conversation went like this (in pidgin-English/French).

Me: Do you know how many of these tablets one puts into the machine?

Hollande: I don't know. I never use the place. I've a machine at home .......... and a woman to operate it.

Cycled to Vias for morning Mass at St John the Baptist:

Cycled round the back streets of Vias:

The French love their trompe l'oeil

And discovered the SNCF station at Vias:

The main building is all boarded up.
And replaced by a little shelter.

Vias is on the Beziers-Montpellier line.

Disused sidings behind the platform.
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