Tuesday 23 June 2015

France 2015 Day 8: Thank God, an old-fashioned French hotel.

Last night's dinner:

Last night, dined on the terrace of this ultra modern and preposterous hotel in Tarbes; Very nice staff and facilities.

Kir Cassis

Vin ordinaire - very good.

Succulent BBQ foie gras

Veal and carrots

Silly design of cup.

Burned hand on handleless milk jug

The food was excellent, the evening temperature sublime but the whole evening oscillated between torture and huge hilarity.

As we entered the restaurant, the maitre d' asked me if I spoke French and for some completely unaccountable reason, the words "Mais oui!" came out of my mouth.

Quite understandably, he spent the rest of the evening bent over my right shoulder conspiratorially discussing all sorts of subtle variations upon the menus - in French. He never let up and treated me to what I deemed a respectful (or was it a mocking) bow as we left the restaurant later.

The only genuine interaction occurred when he asked me if I wanted Kir vin blanc or Kir Royale and I confidently answered Kir vin blanc - helped by the fact that Royale was 8.5 euros a glass cf 3.5 euros for vin blanc and also by my disliking the champagne version of the drink.

One very silly aspect of the hotel room.

The windows (which did not open so air conditioning was permanently on) were illuminated from the bottom up.

They changed colour.

This went on all night and even the thick curtains couldn't stop the flashing creeping under the 2 inch gap at the bottom.

Fortunately, I'm an excellent sleeper so it didn't keep me awake. But, really!


Tarbes is a typical French town and I liked it.

Headed up this alley looking for H0 scale toy cars for my model railway - no joy.

An accident (or at least a breakage) waiting to happen
More trompe l'oeil  - hope nobody booked that terrace in Hotel Foch.

Activities for the over 60s in Tarbes.

Collected the car from underneath the hotel and set off for Pau.

The short journey from Tarbes to Pau

Hotel Continental, Pau.

Hugely relieved to have booked into this traditional French hotel in Pau - with underground parking too.

Half the price of the hotel in Tarbes.

The room.

The foyer

A sitting room.

Looking forward to sampling this later.

Ah! Tablecloths!
The room has some eccentric touches:

A built in medium wave and long wave radio.
A bottle opener in the bathroom.

Found it a bit awkward washing my face in this.
Then walked around Pau:

Towards the Pyrennees

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