Thursday 13 February 2014

Back to Dubstep

Nothing to report regarding model railway - don't seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment. Perhaps I should be reading books like these.......

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Youngsta on Rinse FM
Came across some Podcasts on Rinse FM and clicked on the first one in the list. Turned out to be a recording of a Dubstep evening at some London club - brilliantly urban and atmospheric.

Last night's dinner:

My new replacement phone takes great photographs but I'm unable to transfer them to my laptop!!!!!!

So a photo of last night's dinner is not available.

But it was a pot roasted beef recipe from this book...the Bible of Italian cooking.

Currently Reading:


This afternoon saw our third Hollywood movie in 10 days - all three heavily infused with Americana and all brilliantly enjoyable.

And, today's offering was probably the best - "American Hustle".

The other two films were:

They could actually have formed a trilogy they were so similar in intent and feel.

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