Monday 10 February 2014

Wire - multi-stranded or single core

From now on, I will be using only multi-stranded wire to bring electricity to the various lights that have still to be installed on the layout.

Single core wire has its advantages eg easier to poke through small holes, but it has a tendency to snap when it is bent around corners. When it snaps it is the metal wire inside the plastic covering which snaps, not the plastic covering. Therefore, one does not discover that a breakage has occurred until something stops working; the exterior of the wire looks absolutely fine.

Multi-stranded wire (as in the lower wire) is more flexible when bending. In terms of soldering, I actually find that multi-stranded wire is once again superior to single core. The solder seems to be nicely caught between the strands whereas with single core, the solder has a tendency to run along the wire and then drop off.

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Thank goodness my Philosophy of Mind class is on tonight. I've noticed that over the weeks we all five students increasingly slouch in our seats. Last week, one chap even put his feet up on a neighbouring chair.

A couple of weeks ago on the BBC website there was an article about how to sit comfortably at one's desk and the slouch in this photograph was deemed more healthy for the spine than sitting bolt upright. Good news for me.

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