Saturday 1 February 2014

HO scale chairs and tables from Scale Link

Attempted to assemble a chair and a table from Scale Link.

Basically, Scale Link provide a sheet of laser cut HO scale cast iron furniture which one folds up into shape.

The chair was fairly easy to make - 3 folds - and is surprisingly rigid.

The table looks to be a nightmare. I'll come back to it when I am in the optimum DIY mood.

See instructions above for what else is involved.
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Needed the auditory equivalent of a sugar rush, so ditched the mellow Bossa Nova stuff and returned to my default position of Factory Floor and Golden Teacher on Soundcloud.

Peter Gordon

Golden Teacher
Last night's dinner:

Poached eggs on top of tinned green beans

Today's lunch:

Artichokes in a bowl of tinned tomato soup
Nothing to read:

So, I've been dipping into the online philosophy encyclopedia of Stanford University and an article on Dualism.

Stanford University
There have been suggestions from various quarters that in the near future, Universities are going to shift from being places of learning that students actually attend for 3 or 4 years receiving a special university experience in the process, to being virtual places that students attend by merely logging onto.

I'm not sure what I feel about that; but, at the end of the day, change is inevitable.


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