Tuesday 11 February 2014

Still no camera!

Without a decent camera, recording activity on model railway is a waste of time.

My telephone provider has apologised and is sending me an Android smart phone tomorrow (gratis) as compensation and it will have a camera. But I miss my Blackberry and it's days away from being repaired.

But, perhaps it is a good thing to spend some time being deprived of the electronic crutch that  the Blackberry had  become.

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Bertrand Russell
While on hold for 35 minutes this morning waiting for the next chapter of my Blackberry saga to unfold, I turned to the Stanford University Online Philosophy Encyclopaedia, and began my self-directed study of Bertrand Russell's "Logical Atomism".


Getting to grips with "Logical Atomism" will be a sound introduction to metaphysics.

As a young man.

As a boy.


Cycled 26 miles yesterday, all in the course of carrying out various errands.

How They Brought The Good News From Ghent to Aix

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