Wednesday 12 February 2014

Preiser HO scale figures and furniture

Recently, as reported in this blog, I purchased some HO scale chairs and tables from the German manufacturer, Preiser, and also some HO scale laser cut chairs and tables (mock cast iron) from Scale Link.

Preiser chairs and a table
Scale Link chairs and tables

Scale Link chair (gave up on the tables)
And here are the HO scale Preiser figures.

The picture on the box suggests that the figures are a perfect fit for the tables and chairs.

And here are my figures on both kinds of chair.

Scale Link

Scale Link






They look better seated at a Preiser table.

The pieces are pretty wobbly and unstable; everything will have to be glued into position.

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Rinse FM based in London

In the past 9 months my listening pleasure has been greatly enhanced by discovering internet radio stations and free streaming websites such as Rinse FM.


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Not as hilarious as I'd hoped for, but very readable and Ned Sherrin comes over as a very humane individual.


For the last 12 months I've been getting my hair cut at the Yorkhill Barbers which is run by two French Algerians.

Frankly, getting a haircut at this establishment is a sensual experience; and one that in the past I'd never thought I would either enjoy or even put up with. But I've changed my mind. The care and attention to detail, the pampering, the courtesy, the lack of conversation, the number of different trimming tools that are selected, the intoxicating Eau de toilette that they spray on and the powder brushes that finish off the process equals a wonderful experience..and all for £8.50.

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