Saturday 8 February 2014

Some progress with cafe lighting under the canopy.

I haven't finally fixed the canopy in position so in the picture below it looks a bit squint.

Still frustrated by my phone camera still being away for repair so the above dark image will have to suffice for now.

Here's the building and projected cafe in daylight.

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Rinse FM broadcasts on 106.8 FM in the London area, but I listen to it in podcast form on Soundcloud.

Last night's dinner:

Too difficult to photograph meal but it was a Thai duck curry from the frozen food specialist "Cook" in Morningside Road, Edinburgh.

Morningside branch of "Cook".
Their Thai Duck Curry
The meals are excellent and very reasonably priced.

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Saw this film this afternoon - excellent. Based on a true story, I would like to know how accurate a portrayal of events it actually was.

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  1. Hope to see this film soon, always good to hear a good crit.