Sunday 2 February 2014

Rigging up some more HO scale street lights.

After much thought about the best way of doing it, I began to rig up the four 12volt bulbs that will hang along the edge of the canopy which will overhang the street cafe.

It was necessary to remove the canopy.

A secondary canopy will be rigged up with the lights and it will be of the same dimensions as the canopy itself and fit directly underneath it.

This surface will be hidden by the striped canopy that will sit flush on top of it.
Checked the lights worked.

This camera is damn good at close-ups.
 Next step will be to attach this section of card with its set of lights to the underside of the striped canopy.

Currently listening to:

Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 3 with guest Bob Harris.

In his heyday
Musically, Bob Harris is living in the past. He has nothing to say to me anymore.

Last night's dinner:

Sea bream poached in water and white wine vinegar

With mushrooms and okra in tomato sauce
Terrible photo quality, I'm afraid
Currently reading:

Still no books to read, so searched the online philosophy encyclopedias for articles on  "Predicate Dualism".



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