Wednesday 5 February 2014

HO scale Preiser figures arrive

The Preiser HO scale figures that will populate my street cafe have arrived. I note that they are all sawn-of below the knee. Is that to save plastic or to make it easier to seat them with their feet presumably beneath the table?

The projected cafe.

The tables and chairs

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And here are the figures:

The detail is fantastic:

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Mixes by JD Twitch of Optimo on Soundcloud - basically, hours and hours of free music.

JD Twitch
Last night's dinner:

No photograph again, but it was Baxter's Oxtail Soup and bread.

But, you can also get this luxury version - I wonder what the difference is?

Currently reading:

Ken Dodd is quoted on p 167 in a footnote when Barry Cryer is talking about Vera Lynn's appearance on the Morecambe & Wise Show; and of course, the War connection is referred to.

The footnote:

"Ken Dodd said he knew the Falklands War was about to start because he walked past Vera Lynn's house and heard her gargling."

Ken Dodd


Enjoyed this film at the cinema today - despite the fact that it's almost 3 hours long.

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