Thursday 6 February 2014

Nothing to report:

Unfortunately, my phone camera is still not available and so all I can do is report that I have carried out a little bit of wiring for the lights that will illuminate the street cafe.

Reminder of cafe's location.
Re-writing earlier episodes of this blog:

The task has begun of re-writing past episodes of this blog so that the sequence of events is clearer for those who come across the blog wondering how a novice has coped with learning to build a model railway layout.

I have gone right back to the first episodes in November 2011 and have re-hashed the first half dozen or so.

Currently listening to:

JD Twitch on Rinse FM - brilliant! Visit the above link.

Last night's dinner:

As I say, I still have no phone camera, but I do have this brilliant micro camera which takes great close-ups!

Pot roast beef plus veg.

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St Cyprian's, Lenzie
The Rev Les Ireland who has only recently taken up his post here has been seriously ill recently. I pray for his recovery.

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  1. Only found out yesterday about Les, hopefully he will be feeling much better by the time May comes, it sounds as if has had a difficult time.