Monday 18 June 2012

Cycling on Ile d'Oleron

Cycled from Cheray to Le Douhet. If you are a novice on a bike then Oleron is perfect - flat and smooth cycle tracks all over the place connecting all the towns and villages and in today's case traversing the salt marshes and ending up at a little bistro in Le Douhet.

Passing little cottages.

Salt marshes

Wild white horses

And stopping at a bistrot for lunch.
Lunch at the bistro:

Smoked salmon galette ie rectangular crepe made from buckwheat;  salad and Vichy bottled water.


And ordered a cafe au lait which came with highly foamed milk already mixed in - like a cappuccino and thus not my favourite mode.

Last night's dinner:

Skate with fried potatoes on the hotel room veranda.

Preceded by the local aperitif, Pineau and then the local vin de pays.

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