Wednesday 27 June 2012


Like most married couples, my wife and I have very few interests in common. But one interest we both feel passionate about is the purchasing of  tablecloths: especially, gaudy circular ones with naive figurative decoration.

So far we have bought two on this holiday. Today, for 10 euros, we bought this one in the local market.

Last week we bought this one.


A great pleasure for me, which my wife has no interest in, is visiting laundries. I enjoyed such visits hugely in my bedsit days and so jump at the chance when we have to use a laundry when on holiday.

This campsite has an excellent set-up.

When one opens up Memoirs of a Dervish the heat of North Africa jumps out at one. So it seemed very appropriate to be playing Madlib's Beatkonducta India, an album of hiphop beats and Indian sounds, while eating last night's dinner of dorade (bream), rice and aubergine.

The album

Seem to have deleted the picture of last night's dinner, so here is this morning's cup of cafe au lait consumed in a small off-the-beaten-track cafe in Lacanau-Ocean.


  1. And today's missing word round features "tablecloth monthly"

  2. Well it was 33 degrees in the shade yesterday! But good call; certainly has more punch to it than, "Amateur Launderer."