Sunday 17 June 2012

Mass in Dolus d'Oleron

Travelled about 5 miles to attend Mass in Dolus this morning - one of only 2 Masses held on the entire island. This shortage of priests is deeply depressing. There can now be only two priests left to serve Oleron. Next year perhaps there wil be none - then what?

Anyway, pretty well a full church with very strong singing led by the ubiquitous middle-aged female 'cantor' - I think that's what you would call her.

French sermons are very long by British standards and are real acts of oratory.

Today's lunch on our hotel room's verandah:

Last night's dinner:

Foie Gras


Cafe creme
In fact, I asked for cafe au lait but the bill described it as cafe creme - the milk was already stirred into it - I'm sure it was milk rather than cream.

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