Saturday 2 June 2012

A Milestone

Today, the wiring of the layout is finished and has been tested for DC running. I am confident that it will work for DCC as well; I just haven't had time to bring out the DCC control system and plug it in.

But, everything works: the points motors, the polarity switching for the electrofrog points and there is a strong current of electricity to all parts of the circuit.

Here is the underside with the 4 Tortoise points motors in position.

That's a DC Jouef SNCF 141R on the layout - sorry you can't see it move - but it does.

Will confirm that it works for DCC tomorrow - but I'm confident it will; the wiring is just the same.
Dry and Heavy:

Continuing to listen to that Japanese reggae crew, Dry and Heavy.

Last night's dinner:

Several lamb chops with a dod of mint sauce from the garden.

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