Thursday 21 June 2012

La Cote D'Argent, Vieux Boucau

My second favourite restaurant, anywhere: we have eaten here numerous times over the past few years.

The menu

And the following 3 course meal for £16.

Cured meats.

Duck etc

Basically, chocolate cake and custard.

The cafe au lait was black coffee from a cafetiere or similar with a large jug of hot milk.

Then a local brass band marched by:

Stopped outside to play.

And then the heavens opened and for the next hour rain came down like stair rods. So, the band came into the restaurant and played.

And, were served a libation by the restaurant staff

A great evening altogether.

George Solti:

Have begun reading George Solti's memoirs.

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  1. Thanks for pc, glad your having a good time, hope your visitors enjoy too.